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UAL London College of Fashion

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University uses low-cost, low-energy bespoke furniture to trial the activation of their outside spaces for learning

Top ranking University of the Arts London is made up of six world renowned colleges occupying iconic sites around the capitol. Each college and department is a hot bed for creative thinking and learning in its own right, and aims to operate some of the best creative learning environments possible.


However, having to work within the universities procurement and facilities systems can be limiting and unsympathetic to design understanding. For the various program directors we've worked with a consistent problem was that their current environment was not living up to their creative ambitions, or those of their staff or students.


We worked with a range of program directors to improve the fit-out in their learning and teaching spaces. Together we explored learning requirements and the instinctive knowledge of staff before sharing experiences of materials and making in order to quickly find strategic solutions together.


Working with staff again on detailed design we were able to uncover and address the unique technical and aesthetic requirements of each creative specialism. Each fit-out then being designed to be flexible and free-standing, while also sensitive and well fitted to its unique environment. We incorporated range of re-used and ecologically sound materials in the furniture, and ensured can be easily relocated or re-used itself when the time comes.


Furniture was built in our workshop before being quickly and efficiently installed on various sites, enabling us to minimise disruption and ensure high quality, good value, safe construction processes throughout. Once installed all furniture has built-in user adjustability, with students and staff able to adjust storage, rearrange seating, reconfigure workstations, etc.


Learning and teaching environments are improved, with staff and student wellbeing being a primary beneficiary. There has been wide spread appreciation of the high quality materials being used and great working relationships have been established enabling further design thinking within the staff teams to go on. Corporate sustainability and brand agendas have been contributed to.

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