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Schools & Trusts

Creative, collaborative educational spaces aligned to your values.

Breath life and character into your school buildings. We work with senior leadership, staff and students to identify opportunities for co-design, deliver workshops and design programs that capture your ideas, develop interior fit-out schemes and deliver bespoke joinery that makes your spaces work seamlessly.

Co-design in schools offers an opportunity to demonstrate democratic approaches to learning, and involving students and staff in decision-making about your spaces is highly visual and tangible.


Our experience across a spectrum of schools helps inform a uniquely sensory, spatial and hands-on way of working collaboratively with students, staff and families, as well as wider design professionals and contractors to fit out new and existing school buildings. 

We know what it takes to deliver great school and trust projects

Some of our latest school and trust projects

Nicholas Chamberlaine School

A cornerstone of Griffin School Trust’s strategy to broaden horizons and aspirations for their students is to make their schools approachable and orientated towards their community. At their largest secondary schools this is significantly hindered by having buildings either owned and managed by large corporate landlords or provided ‘to specification’ by national government

Welling School

More info coming soon! Please ask if you have any specific questions.

Sorrell Foundation

More info coming soon! Please ask if you have any specific questions.

Who we've worked with on school and trust projects

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