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Benifit 3: Collaboration improves access to funding and maximises value for money

Choosing furniture out of a catalogue, whilst sat in an office far away leads to poor value decision making.

Welcome to a leaner, more joyful way of working, where collaboration broadens access to limited funding and provides the expertise in how best to spend what is available.

Our projects have shown how:

• Through collaboration a local authority combined various capitol and revenue budgets to fund a joined up consultancy, design and build project that provides better value and outcomes for users.(1)

• Through collaboration a group of nursery staff, parents and children worked with designers to plan an innovative new playground scheme and successfully bid for supermarket funds to build it together.(2)

• Through collaboration students and staff at a large secondary identified low cost bespoke wall panels as a way of improving overcrowding and informal learning opportunities in corridor spaces.(3)

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