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Benifit 5: Collaboration deepens working partnerships, fostering bold shared visions for the future

At the end of a build conventional projects can leave clients in the dark, without the skills and understanding to make their new space their own. And when the next project comes along any knowledge and trust that was built-up is lost and teams have to start back at square one.

Imagine the benefit of having an ongoing relationship with a team of flexible designers and makers with access to workshop facilitates to deliver built solutions to your educational problems.

Our projects have shown that:

• Students establish informed, well developed opinions and contribute successfully to the master-planning of their school site.(1)

• A community group write a manifesto for parent led childcare, build their own nursery furniture and equipment, adapt their offer during Covid and pursue new careers and businesses.(2)

• Existing and incoming residents join together to bring their new community centre to life with co-designed and built furniture. They go on to run their own skills sharing classes and neighbourhood arts events.(3)




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