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Benifit 4: Collaboration maintains momentum and empowers users to keep spaces relevant over time

Spaces that are hard to adjust date quickly and loose their appeal when even small changes cause big headaches.

But learning spaces will always need to adapt to meet developing requirements and routines. Change is the only constant, and it is also the mother of invention. The ability, confidence and momentum to keep adapting and adjusting your environment allows you to continually improve and test new ideas.

Research shows:

• Collaboration, ingenuity and problem-solving skills are developed with learning spaces that are modular, flexible and rich with a broad pallet of materials and tools.(1)

• Through collaboration, users of temporary sites identify where to invest in fitted furniture and where to make free-standing interventions which are then moved easily to the next location.(2)

• Through collaboration, nursery staff were able to respond confidently and effectively to the spatial demands of the Covid crises, adapting their playground furniture and supporting sensory play at home.(3)

1 Hughes JM and Morrison LJ (2020) Innovative Learning Spaces in the Making.



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