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Benifit 1: Collaboration creates spaces which nurture learning and speak of your unique pedagogy

Poorly designed, anonymous spaces make high quality learning and teaching hard and communicates poorly about your ambitions and approach.

In contrast, when your buildings are working well every space can be a learning space; activated, animated and fine tuned for your type of learning; and transformed into an embodiment of your educational ambition.

Research(1) shows:

• Layout and arrangement affect how a space is used and experienced. Building in multi-functionality can get better usage and more value out of each area.

• Well chosen materials can make places feel special, support proper use and set the tone for how to act and behave. Improving natural light has proven benefits to reading and concentration, while regular contact with natural materials and forms improves wellbeing.

• How a space looks, functions and feels has a great affect on the power dynamics and level of inclusion that space supports.

(1) Hughes JM and Morrison LJ (2020) Innovative Learning Spaces in the Making.

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